Getting the first tattoo

Getting the first tattoo

Getting the first tattoo

Getting the first tattoo can be both a terrifying yet exciting thought. People get tattoos for all sorts of reasons.
Most people have lots of questions. The good news is you can do plenty of research to get those questions answered. Some questions include: the cost, how much it will hurt and whether it is safe. When getting a first tattoo, here are some things to consider:

Getting the first tattoo – don’t rush into it

There is no need to rush into getting your first tattoo. In fact taking time before you get your first tattoo is advised. The most important part of the first tattoo is the design and style. You should look online to research the design options even before you go to see a tattoo artist. If you want a unique design you can ask the tattoo artist to do a sketch for you on paper. Most importantly, don’t actually get your tattoo until you are completely happy with the artwork and design.

Getting the first tattoo – research the artist and tattoo parlour

Knowing where to get your tattoo is the next most important aspect of getting your first tattoo. You need to check and research the artist and tattoo parlour. Often people go by personal recommendation, but otherwise you can go online and check reviews on social media sites. Once you have identified a couple of possible artists and tattoo parlours, it is best to go to visit them in person to get to know the tattoo artist, his place of work and its standards in terms of hygiene. Get all your research done and be completely informed before you actually have your tattoo.

Getting the first tattoo – ask questions

Asking questions to your tattoo artist is really important. A professional artist will understand your concerns and be happy to answer all of your questions In addition they will ensure you are completely relaxed before you actually start getting a tattoo. If you don’t feel comfortable with the tattoo artist or don’t get all your questions answered, its probably best to keep looking until you find an artist you are 100% comfortable with. This is of course a very personal matter.

Getting the first tattoo – placement

Some people want large visible tattoos to make a statement or show off their personalities and styles. Very often, this isn’t often the case for the person getting their first tattoo. If you are getting a tattoo for personal enjoyment or for someone you want to share it with, then you need to find a more discrete placement for the tattoo.

Getting the first tattoo
Getting the first tattoo

Also is can be important to have the tattoo in a discrete place if you need to keep it out of site for work reasons or future employment prospects. Fortunately, there are plenty of discrete spots on the body where you can do. A few examples are: the inner wrist, the ankle, behind the ear, under feet, between fingers, inner lip, under breasts (for women) under the armpit.

Getting the first tattoo – bargain hunting

So you have taken your time and pinned down the exact design you want. You have successfully researched the tattoo parlour and have got comfortable with the tattoo artist. All your questions have been answered and you’ve even decided the cheeky placement spot for your first tattoo.The very worst thing you can now do is start bargain hunting. If you have done your research and your criteria above have been met, don’t start looking for cheap or bargain options as this increases the chances of inferior work standards and even infection. Of course you shouldn’t pay over the odds and should compare prices between a couple of artists, but don’t let price become your determining criteria.