Toxic Food

Toxic Food

Toxic food is a massive issue.  Did you know that a high proportion (up to 75%) of all spending in the UK medical centre is on chronic conditions. So these are things such as headaches, migraines, ear infections, irritable bowel, weight issues and psoriasis.  However, pharmaceutical medicine is best suited for treating acute conditions. Holistic medical treatment delivers superior results for chronic conditions. One of the reasons for this is that pharmaceutical medicinal treatments focus on the diagnosed symptoms. Holistic medicine tries to get to the root cause.

Toxic Food –  Food Allergy Test

Most people are oblivious that the food they consume might to the cause of many of their health issues. So there’s plenty to of information on how to eat healthily.  However, even foods that are generally considered healthy might poison certain people.  You should have a food allergy test to identify if you have developed any food allergies. Avoiding those foods will improve your wellbeing and health.

Almost all everyone at some point experiences symptoms such as aches, skin rash, indigestion, and other non-threatening conditions.  It is not just an age thing as young children also experience these conditions.  Take adults and children with conditions such as ADHD or autism. They often enjoy remarkable results to changes in their diets after having had food allergy tests.  By making some simple alterations in your diet you can dramatically improve your well being. This is especially the case if you eliminate certain toxic foods.

Toxic Food – Cancer prevention

By eating healthier foods and reducing or eliminating the toxins in our bodies we create an environment which makes it harder for diseases like cancer to develop. Generally lifestyles of busy people has meant a trend towards convenience and processed foods. The type of foods are in the main no good for us and in some cases poisonous and toxic.

Below are a list of foods that can be considered toxic for our bodies:

Toxic Food – Processed Meats

Processed meats such as bacon, hot dogs, salamis contain the chemical sodium nitrite. Sodium nitrate is a preservative and creates the pink colour of meat.  It is also used in smoked and pickled foods and also in cheese and some beer. During the digestive process sodium nitrite is converted into nitrosamine which is a carcinogen.

Toxic Food – Refined sugar

Cancer feeds on sugar in the blood stream. Blood sugar levels should be kept at a reasonable level.  Eating foods that are high in refine sugar content increases the opportunity for cancer cells to develop.  Cutting out refined sugar will improve your overall health and immune system. It lowers the risk of cancer cells developing.

Toxic Food – Refined or simple carbohydrates

Refined carbohydrates include foods such are white bread and white rice.  Refined and processed carbohydrates strip away beneficial fibre.  Try to reduce your intake of simple carbohydrates and look for healthier alternatives.

Toxic Food – Hydrogenated oils, Trans Fats, and Acrylamides

Hydrogenated oils, with trans fats are used because they prolong shelf life of some foods. Hydrogenated oils are produced by heating oils with other substances. This results in healthy fatty acids being replaced with trans fats. This type of fat dangerous for your heart and creates the ideal breeding ground for cancer. Acrylamides are fats that are produced when frying food.  Test on rats have shown that acrylamides can cause cancer.

Toxic Food – Chips

Chips and french fries are usually deep fried in hydrogenated oil.  They contain simple carbohydrates that quickly change to sugar level in our blood.

Toxic Food – Fried desserts and snacks

The mix of hydrogenated oils, refined flour, sugar, and frying can potentially cause cancer.  Foods like donuts fall into this category.

Toxic Food – Crisps

Toxic food
Toxic food

Most crisps are fried and contain trans fats, sugar and simple carbohydrates.

Toxic Food – Fizzy drinks

Fizzy drinks with high sugar content (and even their sugar free alternatives) should be avoided at all cost if you don’t want add to chemicals and sugar in your blood.  Drink water instead.