PGA Tour

PGA Tour

If you are interested to learn about the game of golf in the US from a professional perspective, a good place to start might be the PGA tour. It is the entity that runs the key professional golf circuits in the US. It’s competitive events are the most known of all in the world and the players who compete rank as some of the best in the entire world.

PGA Tour History

PGA Tour history starts back in 1968 when the it separated completely from the PGA of America. The PGA tour runs four major circuits:

– The Annual Qualifying Tournament
– The Nationwide Tour
– The Champions Tour
– The Top Tour

PGA tour flag
PGA tour flag

There are two ways to play in the PGA Tour events: 1) you qualify to participate or, 2) you are receive a tour card. The US PGA awards tour cards to the best performers of prior years.

PGA Tour female Golfers

Females golfers are not excluded from competing in the PGA tour. In fact the femail golfers Suzy Whaley and Annika Sorenstam played in PGA tour tournaments in 2003. In addition from 2004-2007 Michelle Wie played in PGA tour tournaments each year. None of the three ladies made it to the third day by making the cut, but in 2004 Michelle Wie missed out just by merely one shot. The Ladies Professional Golf Association (LPGA) is an entity managed by the PGA, but exclusively for female players only.

PGA Tour Non Profit Organisation

The PGA tour is a non profit organization which actually surprises many people when they become aware of this fact. It raises a great deal of moneyt for small local charities located in the towns and cities where the tour events are played. Thus far, the tour has collected over USD 1 billion which demonstrates the strong focus on fundraising. Additionally, PGA tour regulations state that in the main all tour competitions are but there are some exceptions.

PGA Tour and the European PGA tour

Alongside the US PGA tour, there is also an entity called the PGA European tour. The European entity is distinct from that of in the US PGA tour and PGA of America. However, World Golf Championships are sponsored by both the European PGA tour and the PGA tour in America.

The European organization is separate from the US PGA tour and PGA of America, but the World Golf Championships are co-sponsored by the PGA tour and the PGA European tour. The results in the World Golf Championships are valid for points in the Official World Players Golf Ranking.

PGA Tour Players Fitness

The the pro golfers on the PGA tour today are fitter that they have ever been before. Tour golfers players dedicate much of their time to getting fit because it has many benefits for their performance in golf. High fitness levels can improve their golf performance via increases in power, flexibility, and stamina.

They can help golfers avoid injury, or at least minimise the chance of getting injured. Competing in golf events is just for fun for PGA tour players, it is actually their work. Their economic success depends on getting good results in tournaments. Consequently, golfers have to have a strong and healthy body are well as maintaining a top quality golf game. These days you’ll find few participants on the PGA tour who don’t have renewed focus on their fitness programs and training routines. Several golfers have focussed on specific exercises for golf which successfully target joints and muscles utilized in the golf swing. This kind of exercise development can provide as edge over their competitors.

PGA Tour Golfers Training

So what does PGA tour golfers training look like? Initially like with all athletes who start a new fitness campaign their current level of fitness is identified. They then set themselves fitness specific targets which they aim to reach and surpass with the aide of a exercise routine which involves weights and endurance training, set specifically for each individual. As ever consistency is key to an effective workout program to accomplish optimum results. Tour players are busy people so they must be diciplined and create time fit in their work out routines.

PGA Tour training and yours

Even though you might just be a recreational club golfer you could nevertheless follow fitness program to get you in shape for golf. You should have your level of fitness based tested by a fitness instructor so that you have a benchmark of where you are now. You might not workout in the same-level as Jason Day and other PGA tour professionals, but you’ll rap the rewards in both your golf game and your body and fitness as a whole.

PGA Tour professionals focus on training

Many PGA Tour professionals focus on training. Players are now spending less playing on the golf course and more time in the gym. Tangible benefits have been seen by them, such as more power to hit the ball further and improved endurance. To reach the top of the game professional PGA tour golfers always are trying to find strategies to outplay their above their competitors. Adding body conditioning for their overall program certainly can take them to the next stage.