Indian Food

Indian Food

Indian food is adored all over the world, by individuals of all different ethnicities. You don’t have to be Indian to love eating Indian food!

Indian Food – Cooking

The thing that makes it desirable is the way it’s cooked. Cooking Indian cuisine is nothing less than an artwork. Indian food isn’t just delicious in flavour, but also has an odour that can stimulate the appetite in anyone. The odour in the food comes from spices which for centuries are used in every Indian household.

Indian Food – Health

Indian meals include many spices, some found in other types of food. Apart from being delicious, Indian food is also quite good for your health due to its many beneficial ingredients. This is because of the spices and herbs in it that have particular healing qualities. Some of the beneficial herbs and spices used in regular dishes are in the sections below.

Indian Food – Turmeric

A primary ingredient in turmeric is curcumin, which is a strong antioxidant and contains powerful anti-inflammatory properties.

Indian Food
Indian Food

Recent studies have shown that turmeric is helpful in correcting several conditions. For example, depression symptoms, Arthritis, Alzheimer’s and even cancer. Due to its strong anti-inflammatory qualities unlike medications, it does not present any risk to liver and other organs. Cucurmin’s absorption into the blood stream is increased many fold when taken in conjunction with pepperine. This is found in black pepper which of course black pepper is used in many Indian dishes.

Indian Food – Cinnamon

Cinnamon is another spice that is a commonly used ingredient in Indian cooking. It is also an ingredient used in many different international dishes. Cinnamon is a bark shaped spice that has a lot of medicinal benefits. It can be used by people who suffer with diabetes as it known to lower fasting blood glucose and also reduce cholesterol. In addition it has antifungal, antiviral and antibacterial properties.

Indian Food – Mustard Seed

Mustard Seed are culinary oil seeds that apart from improving the flavour of a dish additionally have lots of benefits to health. The seeds have a high magnesium content which can reduce the agonising pain of migraine is headaches. They are also helpful for those with asthma as it is known to relieve of respiratory blockages.

Indian Food – authenticity

Indian food is different and unique from other foods. The difference is not in the only taste and ingredients, but is also in the methods used to prepare the dishes. If you’d like to taste real Indian food, a good idea is to taste it in the home of an Indian family, instead of at a restaurant. Some restaurants tend to ‘Westernise’ Indian dishes and they lose their authenticity. Indian food differs according to the region where it comes from in India and sometimes within differing communities within the same region.

Indian Food – Vegetarian

Along with meat dishes, there are many vegetarian meals. Vegetarian food like rice, spiced breads, dhals, vegetables, and pickles are common in Indian cuisine. Many Indians are vegetarians they eat vegetables, fruits, grains and milk.