Where to buy your dog

Where to Buy your Dog

Where to buy your dog? Now that is the question…
So you have decided that you want to buy your dog.  You have researched the characteristics of the breed groups and even identified the perfect breed.  So where do you go to buy your dog?

This can depend on the type of dog you have decided to buy.

Where NOT to Buy your Dog

OK, let’s get it out right now.  NEVER, EVER, EVER buy your dog from a pet store.

All these puppies and dogs come from puppy factories / puppy mills. There are large commercial breeders of dogs who put their profits in front of the wellbeing of the dogs.  The conditions they live in are truly horrendous.  These are despicable place and no place for dogs to breed and bring new life into the world.  The conditions are filthy, infested and a hazard to the health of the dogs living there.  If you aren’t familiar with “puppy mills” simply Google it and read about the terrible conditions in which these dogs reside.  Or, better still watch a youtube video.

Where NOT to Buy your Dog  – The Internet

Likewise don’t buy your dog from an internet pet store online.  Sure you will see load of websites cute photo of puppies next to blossoming flowers or with bows and ribbons tied in their hair.  The reality is that the probability is they were born in a horrible puppy mill establishment.

The only way to stop these sort of puppy facties / puppy mills is NOT to where to buy your dogpurchase puppies and dogs in pet stores and online pet stores.  It is really that simple.  As a person who is about to own a dog and care for it for 10-15 years, you really need to know where it has come from.  You want to know that it is fit, healthy and has had the best possible start in life. That makes for a well balance dog and that makes a good pet.

So where should you buy your dog?

Where to Buy your Dog  – The Dog Rescue

The first place to head when you think of purchasing a dog really has to be the dog rescue.  This is even the case if you are looking for a thoroughbred.

Dog Rescue – Thoroughbreds

National Breeding Clubs often additionally sponsor the local rescue for dogs of their own breeds.  The can tell you where you might find a thoroughbred rescue dog. Very often there are thorough bred dogs in dog shelters and rescues.  This is very often the result of the former owner buying the dog as a puppy, but not doing the required research into the breed.  It is likely that the breed of dog was not compatible with the style of living of the former owner not was the relationship a good fit. This is the consequence of not doing the proper research.

Dog Rescue – Cross Breeds

Of course many or most dogs at rescues will be mixed or crossed breeds.  It is important to have idea of the mix so that you can determine some of the likely characteristics and whether these might suit your lifestyle.   There is an element of risk or luck when purchasing a dog from a rescue, as you never know for sure what the history of the dog might have been.  That being said, owners and dogs tend to know right away whether they are made for each other.  Further many dog shelters are prepared to let you have the dog for a trial period before you make the final commitment. This is a good way to ascertain whether the dog is compatible to your way of living and lifestyle. Importantly, this trial period shouldn’t be for more than a couple of weeks otherwise it might be unfair and confusing to the dog if he later returned to the rescue.   There are many dogs offered at dog rescue facilities will make wonderful companions for you.

Where to Buy your Dog Thoroughbreds

If you decided you want to get a thoroughbred and you have not found the dog you want at the rescue, you need to locate the best breeder for that type of dog.  Ideally this will be local but importantly the breeder should belong to their National Breeding Club.  These breeders are professional and will sell the dog with a formal written contract.  They provide certifications of the well being of the dog and a health guarantee.  You get to know the full history of the dog, its parents and their background.

You may pay a bit more for a dog that is thorough bred, but it’s worth it.  You will know that the dog has beed correctly bred, is healthy and has the characteristics and temperament of that specific breed.

If you cannot afford, or equally do not care about having a quality thorough bred puppy then you are best adopting a dog from the local god shelter / rescue.

Your dog is going to be a brand new personality in your family and you should invest the time to find the right one. You will be rewarded devotion and unconditional love for several years.

Dog Breeds

Dog Breeds

Before you get down to looking at the individual dog breeds available, you can group dogs into different groups of breeds. This can assist you narrow your choice and identify the dog breed that is right for you. Below are some general groups of breeds.

Dog Breeds – Sporting dogs

These dogs enjoy the woods, the forest and the water. Generally the have well-balance rounded characters. Sporting dogs tend to need exercise and love burn their energy.

Dog Breeds – Non Sporting dogs

This clearly covers a wide and varied set of breeds with differing sizes, coats, personalities and overall general appearance.

Dog Breeds – Hounds

Hounds tend to be used as hunting dogs. Some hounds have amazing sense of smell can pick up a scent, while others have lots of stamina. Be warned hounds tend to howl which can be disturbing to some.

Dog Breeds – Working Dogs

Working dogs tend to be large dog dog breedbreedswhich are powerful and robust. Working dogs are not ideal for inexperienced or new dog owners. Working dogs are intelligent and generally require an owner with expertise and experience of handling and training this kind of dog.

Dog Breeds – Herding dogs

Herding dogs herd! It’s remarkable how they have the awareness and confidence to control the movement of other beasts. These are highly intelligent dogs, simple to train and make great companions. They have an extremely strong urge to herd. So unless they have a “job”, they’re able to become bored and take out this boredom on you, your kids or items in your house. Herding dogs are known for biting “biting” or nipping people. What they are doing in fact is herding them! Herding dogs need lots of exercise and like something to keep that natural herding urge busy in a positive way.

Dog Breeds – Terriers

Terries are feisty, energetic dogs and often have little tolerance for other animals, including other dogs and sometimes people. Terriers are assertive and respond to owners who will be assertive with them and will train them with very clear rules and constraints.

Dog Breeds – Toy Dog breeds

Toy Dog breeds tend to shed little and are good apartment dogs. They are small in size and more vulnerable than larger breeds though they are often bundles of energy and can be highly strung. They are very capable of standing their ground simply. Just because they are small does not mean they are submissive. It is not uncommon to see a toy dog make a dog of a larger breed back away.

Dog Breeds – Summary

The above groups of dog breeds should help you narrow your search for your dog. Now it is down to researching which breed best fits for your scenario. Hundreds of dog breeds exist, so the more research you do in to the different breeds, the better your comprehension of what might be the most compatible breed for you.

The dog you select will hopefully be with you for 12-15 years so it is worth doing the research and considering the breed of dog that is most likely to work for you. And it is not just you that will be thankful that you did. Your dog also will appreciate that you put some thought into what time of canine companion will fit in well in your lifestyle. Remember, your dog has to put up with you, as much as you have to put up with your dog!