What your dog should not eat

What your dog should not eat

What your dog should not eat

What your dog should not eat might be surprising to you. Read the last of three articles on this subject.

What your dog should not eat – Cooked Bones

Some cooked bones can be dangerous for your dog, because they can be more brittle.  This means the chance of them splintering is greater which means they could cause an internal injury to your dog. Raw bones far better for your dog’s and are beneficial for his teeth.

What your dog should not eat – Cooking dough

Your dog should not eat uncooked bread dough which is made with live yeast.  If raw dough is swallowed by your dog, the stomach’s warm and moist environment is the ideal surroundings for the yeast to expand and multiply. This increasing mass of dough in the stomach can be enough to slow the wall of stomach, resulting in tissue dying.

What your dog should not eat – Cat Food

If your dog may a bit of cat food, it is likely not to be an issue. However, it is not advisable for your dog to eat cat food for a prolonged period of time.  This is because cat food usually has higher protein and fat levels which are unhealthy for dogs.

What your dog should not eat – Fat Trimmings

If your dog eats fat trimmings of meat, whether cooked or raw, it can create pancreatitis. The symptoms are may include a very painful abdomen, lack of appetite, depression, a ‘hunched up’ posture, dehydration, vomiting, diarrhoea and fever.

What your dog should not eat – Liver

Feeding your dog liver occasionally probably won’t cause any issues.  However, too much liver consumption of liver can affect your dog’s muscles and bones in a negative way.

What your dog should not eat – Dairy Products

Dogs in general are relatively lactose intolerant.  Eating dairy products or drinking  can result is diarrhoea and other digestive problems.  Not all dog are effected.

What your dog should not eat – Fish

If your dog eats a limited quantity amount of fish in it is unlikely to cause any dietary issues. However, if you dog eats a high quantity of fish it can result in a vitamin B deficiency.  This can lead to loss of appetite, muscle seizures and in some severe cases even death.

What your dog should not eat
What your dog should not eat

What your dog should not eat – vitamin supplements for humans

Some human vitamins supplements can be poisonous for dogs.  This is particularly the case for vitamins A, D and E which are dissolvable in fat. Iron supplements can cause damage the the lining of your dog’s digestive system.  They can be toxic for a dog’s liver and kidneys.

What your dog should not eat – Snacks for Humans

Some snacks for humans sometimes include ingredients like onion and garlic powder, raisins, sweet and chocolate which can be poisonous for dogs. We probably shouldn’t be eating them ourselves.  Give your dog snacks and treats made specifically for them.

What your dog should not eat – Old Food

It s unlikely that you enjoy old or mouldy food, so why would your dog? The bacteria in old of mouldy food can contain different toxins that can be harmful to your dog.

What your dog should not eat – Leftovers

It feels almost unnatural not to give a dog leftovers.  However, if that is what you give your dog on a regular basis leftovers it is unlikely he is getting a proper diet. If you do give him scraps, make sure any bones taken out and fat is removed.

In summary, you should check the ingredients and know what is in the food you’re giving your dog.