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Dog Games

Playing dog games are part of owning a dog.

Dog Games – Raising a Healthy Dog

Dogs loving playing. An dog with an active mind usually makes for a dog that is happy. So how are you able to do to excite and stimulate the mind of your dog?? Well you can present him with a toy, for example a kong ball where he has to try to figure out ways to get the treat out of it. You could give him a squeaky toy that will keep them occupied as he tries to eliminate the squeak. But above all else, dogs love the opportunity for them show you how clever they are and make you proud. They are able to do this when you play dog games with them. Your dog is bound to love one of the dog games described below, if not all of them.

Dog Games – Hide and Seek

Hide and seek is an opportunity for you give your dog some basic commands, such as sit, stay, wait and come. to instruct your dog their down, wait and the come command. First you need to get your dog to sit and stay. Then you go off and find a great hiding place. Once hidden call your dog! If you dog finds you, and he will, be sure to reward him!

Dog Games – Locate the toy

FInd a toy that your dog likes and wipe it against yourself so that your sent on it. Let your dog dog sniff it. As it is sniffed by them tell them what the item is, name. Then instruct your dog to sit and stay. Go hide the item then return to your dog who should still be sitting and staying. Then instruct your dog by his name to find the item by calling by its name. Track your dog as he hunts for the object using his scent to follow the trail to find the toy. Reward them when they do well as they hunt, especially as they get close to the thing and offer continuous encouragement.

Dog Games – Catch the ball

This really is a great game for your dog and you. They learn coordination and you be proud and impressed. Get a ball and just throw it in the air. Say your dog’s name and catch! Initially your dog might look at you with eyes which are saying what on earth do you want me to do?! If your dog doesn’t catch the ball, make it impossible for them not to catch ball and throw it in front of his nose.

dog games
dog games
Or even even better let the ball hit him on the snout. Obviously dont let it hurt him. He will get the idea. Finally when he does catch the ball let him know how well he has performed by copious amounts of praise and a treat. Eventually he will catch the ball like a pro, however you throw it!

If your dog really doesn’t get it, try him to take the ball from you. Praise and reward him when he does. Next step is to gentle toss it into his mouth and again when he ‘catches’ it praise him. Some dogs take much longer than other to learn this but with patience and encouragement on your part, your dog can learn to catch.

Dog Games – Agility Course

Dogs adore running and jumping on, over and through things. Try taking your dog to an agility course, especially if he show signs of agility. Set up a course using whatever you can find and walk your dog through the course. You might be very surprised how quickly your dog catches on and will be racing around the course before you know it using its brain to impress you!