Tattoos Permanent versus Temporary

Tattoos Permanent versus Temporary

Tattoos permanent versus temporary is a decision anyone wanting a tattoo can now make. The option of having temporary tattoos is perhaps one of the reason tattoos have become increasingly popular. Some people like the idea of having permanent markings on their body. This is perhaps what attracted them to tattoos in the first place. It made a statement of who they are and was a way for them to publically or privately (depending on the placement of the inking) express themselves. Others however are not prepared to make the decision to permanently mark their bodies for a number of reasons, each being specific to their own situation. Inking the body with tattoos is a type of skin pigment implantation. There are two options for tattooing or pigment implantation: permanent and temporary.

Tattoos Permanent versus Temporary – Permanent

As the name states these are tattoos that by their very nature permanently add a colour to the skin pigment. With age the colour of tattoos slowly fade out, however they never completely go unless you undertake certain treatments. The obvious treatment for removing a tattoo is is laser surgery. Laser treatment can be used to remove the colour pigments from skin. The cost of doing so is very expensive and the process itself is exceptionally painful. The cost to remove a permanent tattoo is far greater than the original cost of having the ink work in the first place. Therefore it is vital to be certain that you really want to have a permanent tattoo before you start getting inked up.

Tattoos Permanent versus Temporary – Temporary

Temporary tattoos are very different to permanent ones. It is only the epidermis, which is the outer layers of skin which is coloured. As skin cells die the tattoo will fade out. Usually, temporary tattoos last for 2-3 weeks, but it clearly depend on how it is cared for. If you wash the tattooed area with soay and hot water it is likely to fade more quickly.

Tattoos Permanent versus Temporary – Differences

Apart from the obvious, several differences exist between permanent and temporary tattoos as can be see below.

Differences – After effects

When you have a permanent tattoo it takes more than three weeks for your skin to heal. During this time, you have to keep water completely away from the area.

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Tattoos permanent versus temporary

With temporary skin colouring, there is no healing time as there is no damage made to your skin. One exception to this might be if your skin is allergic to the colours used. You can wash the tattoo off anytime you like with hot water and soap. It usually takes two to three weeks to fade away naturally.

Differences – Pain

The process of inking your body permanently is very painful and you need to have a reasonable high pain threshold to bear it. On the other hand, for temporary ones, no pain at all is experienced as it is only paints and stickers that are used to make the body markings.

Differences – Blood

Although it is nothing to squirm about, you do see some blood with permanent skin pigmentation. But of course with temporary colouring, there is never any blood seen from your skin.

Differences – Cost

Having is a costly affair and a permanent body inking can be a very costly, but this of course will depend on the intricacy and time it take for the artist to complete the design. Again for temporary tattoos the bigger and more complicated the design, the longer it takes the artist to do, the more expensive it will be. But in general comparing like for like, permanent body art will cost you significantly more than temporary body art.