Online Golf

Online Golf

As a golfer when you are looking to make a purchase of golf equipment it can be a hard decision whether to purchase equipment at online golf stores, or in a regular golf shops / at you golf club’s pro shop.

Some golf gear lends itself well to purchasing online.  However there are some pieces of golf equipment where you really should go to the shop, touch, feel and try the kit before you buy.

Online Golf Apparel

So what things can you and should you buy for golf online? Well the most attractive deals tend to be in soft items and accessories.

Online Golf
Online Golf

As an example, thing that are simple to buy online items such as umbrellas and golf attire. There is no need to hold a golf umbrella or see physically before you purchase it.

Online Golf low Risk

You probably know the brand you want.  So it is an easy, low risk purchase decision that can be made with no worry or concern about the suitability or fit of the item. Also most golfers know their size and measurements for their favorite brand. So again buying shirts online is fairly straightforward. The benefit of course is you are able to make the same purchase as you would in a physical golf shop, but from the comfort of your own home. And you are likely to make a significant saving.  This is because online golf stores tend not to have the same costs and overheads as physical retail golf outlets.

Online Golf Benefits

Online golf store benefits are not only limited to the price you pay. Usually online golf stores have huge ranges of stock.  This is especially when talking about golf clothing and they tend to hold common sizes. Physical golf stores generally need to restrict their stock.  Or they take a wild shot at how many items of a particular garment they need to hold and in what sizes. It seems almost archaic to spend time searching for golf clothing, only to irritated that the item you have selected is not in stock in your requires size. This very rarely happens with online golf stores.  If it did, you would see that immediately and either go to another online golf store where the particular item is in stock.

Online Golf Shipping

More usually when you place your order as usual and it will be shipped to you directly from the main supplier or distributor. Sometimes it is shipped directly from the factory. There are often deals and special offers available with online golf purchasing. This means there is a chance to make extra savings when you buy a number of items. Very often they will throw in free shipping.

Physical Golf Store Benefits

There are some particular purchases which frankly should be made in a physical golf shop in person. A new set of golf clubs would such an example of this and you can find two reasons for this for a couple of reasons. Firstly, most people want to hold a club and take some swings in a practice net or golf simulator before they part with significant cash. This is probably an item which you are going to use a great deal and keep for a while so it is quite normal to want to do this.

Physical Golf Store Price Differential

The other reason is that there isn’t actually that much of a saving to be made on buying golf clubs online.  This is because manufacturers often stipulate a minimum retail price for their equipment.  This means the online golf retailers cannot significantly undercut those retailers with physical stores. Manufacturers of golf clubs encourage you to try the clubs first as they want you to buy into their brands for the long term.

It is also noteworthy that physical golf retailers very often are owned / or managed by a PGA golf professionals. This means they are often small business keen to secure your business so they try to add value to you by their knowledge, expertise and service. As small business owners they too will discount prices where they can and if necessary to secure your custom.