Golf Results

Golf Results

Your golf scorecard never lies, so your golf results are clear for all to see.

Improving Your Golf Results

If you are serious about improving your game, you need to break it down in to different sections.  Then based on your scores and results you analyse each aspect of your game individually rather than as a whole.

To get this done you record and need to monitor all parts of your golf game.  For example, fairways hit off the tee, greens hit in legislation, number of chip and putts, putts on each green.   This way you can build up a true picture of what is going on in your golf game and you can start to identify trends. This information is invaluable when it comes to improving your game on the practice area.  Otherwise your practice could be largely ineffective, or a complete waste of your time.  This is because your focus could be on items which won’t improve your scores.

Recording Your Golf Results

You can use a spreadsheet note and track all your results from each round that you play.  You decide the criteria you want to track but typically the following will be useful.

– Fairways hit from the tee.Golf Results
– Greens hit is regulation.
– Putts on each green.
– Chip and putts
– Putts holes under 6 feet

There are also a numer of sophisticated apps available to help you track and analyse your golf results.

Analysing Your Golf Results

Once you have collected sufficient data from your round you should be able at a glance to identify areas within your golf game that require your attention and focus. The trends should be obvious to you and you will know exactly where the practice needs to happen to improve your scores and lower your handicap.

Professionals Analyse Their Golf Results

This is exactly how pro golfers approach their practice. They don’t merely head to the range and hit balls for the sake of it.  They analyse their recorded results and focus their attention on the areas that need improving the most.
When it comes to pro golf at the highest level, the difference between success and failure is tiny.  The slightest improvements made can have a huge difference to their results.  And not just their scorecards, but their prize money too.

While you may not be a professional golfer, nor aspire to be, there is something you can learn from this process.  If you note and study the results from each part of your game, it can make practice time more meaningful.  If you have a specific reason to practice, it can make the practice time more enjoyable  and effective.

Getting Help To Improve Your Golf Results

Once you have monitored your results and have identified an area that you need to focus on, you might consider getting tuition from a PGA professional who can help you improve your skills.

Using Training Aides To Improve Your Golf Results

Buying training aides which will help you improve your game is also an option.  Be sure to check on youtube to see if there are videos demonstrating their use.  Also look for independent reviews before you make purchases.  These often provide a clear insight into the effectiveness of a particular training aide.  Particularly as some of these training aides can be expensive, look out for ones offering money back guarantees.  Keep in mind in golf there isn’t one magic product that cures all ills. There isn’t one training aide that works for each player.

Golf Results Summary

So to sum up, if you would like to improve your golf results you then must start recording and analysing your scorecards. Identify what needs improving and then make an effort to focus on that area and monitor your progress on an ongoing basis.  By regular tracking of your golf results and trying to improve them over time, then you won’t achieve greater success on the course, but you will also enjoy your golf more.