Golf Clubs

Golf Clubs

Golf clubs are the basic equipment required to play the game of golf. Players who have reached a decent standard, rely on having a quality set of clubs.  This is so they can get the best out of their game. In a bag of golf clubs you have different clubs used for different purposes. These are the putter, the irons, hybrids, woods (which are no longer made of wood!) and the driver.

Golf Clubs – the United States Golf Association

There’s an entity in the US called the United States Golf Association or, the USGA. This entity establishes the rules of golf as must be adhered to when played in the US. This includes for example quantity of golf clubs that are permissible to be carried on a round of golf in your bag in. This limitation is fourteen golf clubs. Generally, the typical golfer would have one putter, three wedges, seven irons, two fairway woods and one driver within their golf bag. Of course that will differ from player to player.

Golf Clubs – The Driver

The driver is the golf club that’s most golfers like the most, but it’s not common to be used on every golf hole. If struck correctly from the tee, the driver enables the golfer to hit the golf ball the greatest length of all the clubs.  But because of its steep face it is not always with the greatest consistently or accuracy. Some people prefer to use a 3 wood from the tee for safely. USGA rules control how big the club head on the driver can be. Usually the golf club driver will end up being the priciest single golf club in the golfers bag.  You can pay up to 1,000 USD for the latest and greatest. If you go custom, you could even spend more. On the other end of the scale discounted and decent second hand golf club drivers are available for around 100 USD.

Golf Clubs – The Fairway Woods

When the ball is lying on the cut grass on the fairway, fairway woods are These have club heads which are somewhat more lofted that the driver.  They are used for long shots as you can still achieve a great deal of Golf clubsdistance with a well struck shot. The club heads used to be manufactured from wood, then metal (steel) and are now mainly graphite, or titanium.  This makes them light and easy to hit. Some people can actually hit the fairway woods further than their driver. Fairway woods typically retail from 200 USD to 400 USD per club depending on the brand. Again, major savings can be realized by you selecting no name fairway woods, that are priced at a significant reduction over name branded golf woods. This comes down to affordability, quality and personal choice.

Golf Clubs – Hybrids

Hybrids can be quite versatile golf clubs that are used in place of fairway woods and/or long irons. Hybrid golf clubs are designed to give you the best of both worlds.  This is a combination of the length and ease of hitting of fairway woods with the accuracy of long irons. Basically with this versatility, they can be utilized virtually everywhere on the golf course. Hybrids can be similar in price to fairway woods and again, discounted hybrid golf clubs are very affordable along with no name hybrid golf clubs and of course second hand.

Golf Clubs – Irons

An iron will be utilized by 60% of the shots in an ordinary round of golf. Irons can be propel the golf ball on average between 230 yards to 125 yards. The 9-iron has a shortest shaft, the most loft, and can be used to hit at high shots that are short up to about 135 yards on average. 1, 2 and 3 irons have steep club faces (little loft) and a longer shaft.  These can be used to hit low, long shots. However, the average player struggles with these clubs and most set of golf clubs not start at 4 iron, with the hydrids replacing irons 1,2 and 3.

Golf Clubs – Wedges

Standard golf club wedges contain distinct lofts to lob wedges, the sand wedge and a pitching wedge. These shots are occasionally known as the money shot because they should if used effectively enable you to get quite close to the flag stick. How many wedges taken by the golfer will depend upon their strengths and their unique golf game and weaknesses. The golfer has the pick of 2 main types of irons in golf clubs. For the more seasoned golfer, forged irons are perfect for preciseness and empower the skilled golf player to maneuver the ball with shots that are called fades and draws.

Cavity irons are more forgiving for shots which are not struck out of the centre of the club face.  This is due to their bigger sweet spot and can provide the average player to hit straighter shots. A set of golf irons from iron 4 through to 9, a pitching wedge and a sand wedge, can cost from 500 USD to over 2,000 USD. Again savings can be made by discounted golf irons, non branded clubs and second hand clubs.

Golf Clubs – Putters

The putter is the last and arguably most vital golf club in the bag. The putter is also called the “cash golf club”. This is because it’s the golf club usually used on the greens to get the ball into the cup. When you are on the green, you utilize the putter to stroke the ball into the cup. As you are on the greens, so there’s absolutely no loft angle on the club head. Being the most significant golf club, the putter has seen a serious change over the years.  This is in terms of its size, shape of the putter head and the shaft’s length. Some are long, other short and everywhere in between. Standard putters, blade putters, mallet putters, offset putters – the options seem endless. Golf club putters even have an extensive variety of costs, ranging from 100 USD to around 1,000 USD or more.