Thai Food

Thai Food

Thai food offers some of the best gourmet experiences in the world. Thai cuisine is renowned for it’s diversity, particular spiciness and also medicinal properties. Most of Thai food is prepared and cooked with more than two types of spices or herbs.

Thai Food – basics

Thai food basics include fish sauce. Fish sauce is one of the indispensable ingredients that is used in almost all Thai cooking. Thai dishes are eaten alone of or with steamed rice which is the staple food rice. In the north and northeast of Thailand sticky rice is also popular.

Thai food – accessibility

When you are in Thailand you really shouldn’t miss out trying the amazing Thai dishes. Wherever you happen to be Thai food is always accessible. It’s everywhere – restaurants, street food vendors with carts, mini canteens hooked up to motorbikes with sidecars, food markets and halls, food stalls, floating food vendors, grocery stores and supermarkets. Day or night in Thailand, you can always find something decent to eat.

Thai food – importance

Food in Thailand is so central to the culture and socialising. When you meet someone they will often ask if you have eaten. In Thailand eating is not a private

Thai Food
Thai Food
activity and Thais eat in public and at any time. In Thailand you’ll be asked countless times if you like Thai cuisine. If you say that you just confirm as such, you have created a connection and if you claim to like spicy food you get even more credibility.

Thai food – eating habits

Thais eating habits are very different from most of the western world. Thais don’t eat big meals, but rather quite small dishes frequently throughout the day. This is known to be far more healthy for you than the large sit down 3 course meals of westerners. Usually Thais will eat one plate of food that is prepared on the spot and also eaten fast. Most dishes can be prepared within minutes. Eating in Thailand is convenient, inexpensive and enjoyable.

Thai food – flavours

Well prepared Thai food has a special balance where the flavour of every ingredient is delicately acknowledged by our palette. Thai dishes are known for being spicy and light but there are many other flavours which are infused. Thai dishes can be bitter, spicy, salty or sweet.

Some people enjoy the full range of flavours, but many people don’t associate bitterness t food they enjoy. In Thai food the bitter taste is carefully balanced ad often fused with other delicate flavours.

Thai food – sweet

Not many Thai dishes are particularly sweet, but many dishes can be served with something sweet. When purchasing Thai food, it is possible to often ask for your food to be sweetened.

Thai food – hot

If you like hot and spicy food you won’t need to look far in Thailand as many dishes have a kick due to lots of natural spices, chilli and peppers are used in their preparation. Tom Yum, a Thai soup that combines hot with sweet. You can chose to make the soup more sweet or spicy depending on your taste buds.

Thai food – Sour

Some Thai food is made sour. These are meat based in the main, with the sour flavour introduced through the sauce. Often the sour is blended with sweetness, such as the sauce used for sweet and sour chicken dishes. You can also get sour dishes in authentic Thai food that use fish sauce to fuse in the flavours.