Mexican Food

Mexican Food

Mexican recipes are the vibrant, spicy, delightful dishes. Mexican food is considered to be the most varied in the world after Chinese food. Every area of Mexico has its own food style and the variety of Mexican cuisine in extensive. The Mexican food is particularly exciting, since it’s an unique mixture of Mexican, Mayan, Caribbean, Lebanese and US.

Mexican Food – History

Mexican food history shows that many of what we consider the ‘traditional Mexican food’ have origins from other food cultures. The history of Mexican food is rich and diverse. With a lot of fascinating cultural influences throughout time.  This indicates that Mexico has been more of a culinary melting pot. What has resulted, however are delicious foods, rich in flavour.

Mexican Food – Spanish Influence

While many believe Mexican food has strong origins from the ancient Mayan culture, the Spanish invasion of Mexico has had a major influence on Mexican dishes. Spanish explorer Cortez brought with him new types of food, herbs, spices and livestock.  Surprisingly, the origin of quesadillas, a staple diet in Mexico is actually Spanish. The cheese, pork, steak, and lettuce that grace so many of our favourite Mexican dishes, such as the quesadilla, are also Spanish. Several spices including cinnamon, black pepper, coriander and oregano which are frequently used in Mexican cooking really Spanish in origin.

Mexican Food – French Influence

The French who occupied Mexico for a short time in the 1860’s also has had a cultural influence on Mexican food.  For example popular dishes such as chilli en nogado, which is a dish of stuffed chillies in a walnut sauce.

Mexican Food – Tex Mex

Some of the most popular variations of Mexican food is the influence from the Southwest United States, specifically southern Texas. This style of Mexican food, dubbed “Texmex” is a favourite all around the world. It’s an ethnic mixture of northern Mexico and Southwestern Texas. In many restaurants nowadays, it really is more Tex-Mex than authentic Mexican food that is being served.

Mexican Food – Authenticity

Tortillas are part of most Mexican meals and are considered staple diet. They are spheres corn dough, flattened to small sized disks. Authentic tortillas are made from corn and they are freshly made all day. They may be used to make tacos.

Mexican Food
Authentic Mexican Food
Authentic Mexican food includes a lot of soups and stews which contain lentils and kidney beans. Tomatoes are used in various Mexican food recipes and particularly in salsa recipes. The hot sauce that is made from chilli pepper is indigenous to Mexico.  Some Mexican dishes are spicy with chilli peppers being popular in Mexican cookery.  There are several varieties of chillies that are used, so more hot that others.

Mexican Food – Fresh Fruit

Fruit is popular in Mexico and is eaten fresh or used in sauces and desserts. Papaya, coconut, mango, and pineapple are favourites.  Anything older than a day or two is not considered fresh. Imported food is generally shunned in favour of locally grown produce and everything is grown nearby.

Mexican Food – Condiments

Many people love the addition of sour cream, lime, or salsa to their food. However, in Mexican restaurants, you’ll also get little bowls of condiments. These are likely to include a hot chilli salsa, cilantro, a mild chilli salsa, chopped onion, salsa Mexicana and lime. Salsa Mexicana is made from chopped onion, chopped fresh cilantro, tomato and habanero chili. You may additionally get guacamole, which is a lime and avocado. Charred green onion mixed with salsa ingles and lime juice is another well-enjoyed Mexican condiment.